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How to Recover Your Files with Free Deleted File Recovery Software if You Don’t Have an OS Installed

Yes, it’s possible to recover your data in case you don’t have an OS installed but if you want to use file recovery software. Avoid repairing your hard drive because it will affect your data. The repair itself might cause further harm to your files and might make them unrecoverable.

Following, we will be focusing on how you can recover data from a non-bootable hard drive. Follow these steps, and you will recover your valuable data without any issue.

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Data Recovery

  • Connect the target disk to a bootable device.
  • Restart the computer and enter Bios Menu. You have to change the boot settings and assure your computer will boot from recovery USB.
  • Choose the Free Deleted File Recovery Flash Drive when promoted to choose a boot device.
  • Afterward, choose the Hard Drive Option from the left side of the interface. You need to Double Click on the Hard Drive and scan it for available files. Once down, you need to browse and check the files you need from the scan and press the recover button to start recovery.
  • You should know that you will recover these files to an external disk at the moment. So, you must keep the disk connected to the targeted computer until your file recovery software recovers every file.
  • If the connection between the external hard drive and target computer is cut even for a moment, the whole process will be disrupted. So, take extra precaution to assure that doesn’t happen.

Recover with System Repair

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Microsoft has an in-built System Repair feature. It’s an intelligent feature that doesn’t require user intervention. If you encounter issues due to unexpected shutdown, you will see the “Windows Error Recovery Screen.

In this screen, the cursor remains on “Start Windows Normally” by default. At the same time, you will see a countdown has started. The system lets you start the OS and indicates the matter at hand is resolved

If the system files were damaged or have incorrect configuration due to software or hardware issues, it might crash your system. Once again, when you restarted, you will be greeted by “Windows Error Recovery Screen.” You have to follow options to choose from:

  • Launch Startup Repair (Recommended)
  • Start Windows Normally

The only thing that is different this time is the cursor remains on “Launch Startup Repair (Recommended)” by default. It’s because the windows now want you to select the repair option and start repairing the damage.

If you choose the repair option, then wait for it to finish. Yes, you will access the data in an internal hard drive but once the procedure has finished. Once you access the data with Free File Recovery Software for Windows 10, you have to transfer it to another storage device.

File Recovery Software: Important Tip

After the test is over, you will see the system starts normally. Yes, you can easily proceed with starting the Windows normally, but sometimes its better if you let the Windows System Repair make a few repairs. But, be careful because this system can lead to some unpredictable issues.

Recover Using System Restore


If Windows Startup Repair didn’t do the job, then you can try “System Restore.”  Just follow these steps:

  • Go to “Advanced Boot Options” when starting your device and choose “Repair Your Computer Option.”
  • Enter to Continue and choose Keyboard Input Method, now Click on Next.
  • Enter the user name and Password, Click on Ok to proceed onwards.
  • Now you will see the “System Recovery Options,” Select the System Restore Option and choose a restore point to recover from.
  • Now Restart your computer to see if all the hard work bear fruit or not. If everything goes well, taking these steps will repair your unbootable device among other issues.

A Closer Look at this Issue

system repair

OS Damage or Crash is a common cause of boot issues. There are a lot of reasons that can lead to this including boot files getting corrupted, boot partition getting damaged or lost, errors in startup parameters, or boot information failing to load. Physical damage can also lead to boot issues.

Different causes lead to different phenomena, but the results don’t differ. A computer with a crashed hard disk, and no OS will not boot. So, yes you will lose your previous entries or files. But don t worry, you can recover them easily with or without a third-party file recovery software or app.

Make a Plan

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Like it or not, you are going to run into such issues. So, please establish a protocol to deal with such issues instead of panicking. Following, we will help you get a lead on!

Identify Your Needs

File recovery software and overall data recovery is important if you want to carry on. The data must be valuable for your daily affairs, so even if you lost it, you should come up with a plan to recover it. While doing that, you also have to come up with a plan for how your business will survive if you are not able to recover the data.

Come to Terms with the Risk

Data Loss ranges from accidental deletion of file or failure of the storage device. If you don’t take a recovery precaution with a file recovery software, you risk every bit of your data. If you run a business, then IT threats are the most severe threat to it. Hardware and software issues pose a great risk to the stability of your business. The threat of fire and natural disaster.

Assess the Importance of Data

Data Backup has become a necessity today. With every legal requirement, the volume of data grows out. The world no longer needs traditional tape backup. The standard of compliance levels has been raised. Several online backup services manage data backup and will help you recover your data if the hour arrives.

The Impact of a Server Failure

You better estimate the impact of a server failure if you can’t afford any downtime. Sure, the loss will be colossal for every second, but having this ill evaluation help you get things back online in a matter of a minute, this helping you with damage control.

The process of re-installing the OS, service packs and updates with application and drivers will take some time. This contributes to the overall recovery time. Before you start the lengthy process of installing any file recovery software and trying to recover data, you better find a compatible system. You need a backup system running and take over to cut off the downtime. The reparation process will take time. So be patient.

The Impact of Downtime

Yes, even a second of downtime will be colossal for your company. So, you have to come up with a way to cut off this loss as much as you can. You have to be careful about your approach because if you don’t know what you are doing, you might as well make things a lot worse for yourself.

You have to Assess the way that works best for you according to your case. You better start with assessing critical levels of data in the system. This will let you come up with a data recovery plan that will help you safely keep your data and assure you don’t lose it over again.

While you are making a recovery plan, make sure you integrate a prevention policy to keep it from happening in the first place. Precaution is better than cure, so get at it.

Getting Back Online

You need to establish a protocol that suggests you what you need to do when you get back on track. This means you have to get back to the business operations but once you make sure everything runs smoothly.

Mistakes to Avoid

Encryption Algorithms

When it comes to recovering the data yourself, people end up making some terrible mistakes. Following, we are going to discuss these mistakes and assure you don’t make them. There are a few risks involved with recovering your disk by yourself. If you avoid this risk, you will be better off. Following we are going to debrief these concerns in detail:

Launching CHKDSK on a Failed HD

When an HD fails, you might want to run CHKDSK to fix it. But if you rush, you will lose the data by overwriting them. This makes data recovery almost impossible. So, hold on and search for other options among file recovery software.

Replacing the HD in Raid 5 Until Both Fails

When a drive fails in Raid 5, array system still works. At this point, the virtual array is in degradation mode. This means that the second hard drive will fail with time. So, you better replace the hard drive as soon as it fails. Don’t wait for both of them to fail. If this happens, then data recovery will become impossible.

Fix Physical Damage with File Recovery Software

Hard drive failures are divided into two sorts, one is logical, and other is physical. Logical failure can be repaired by a third-party tool. Don’t attempt to fix the physical damage with file recovery software. You may end up overwriting the data.

Open the Hard Drive in a Messy Environment

If you want to fix your HD physically, you better open it in a clean room. This as a key step. Hard drives are sensitive, and you can damage them furthermore if you don’t open them in a cleanroom. You can fight off dust and moisture in another environment. So, safety is better than a precaution.

Prying Open the HD Violently

You may find that the HD is hard to open. As it’s hard to find the hidden screws. For this reason, some people try to pry open the device in an extreme fashion. Doing so scratches the drive platter and might make your data impossible to recover.

Swapping the Circuit Board

Swapping the circuit board on an HD might fix the issue. Not this suck trick doesn’t work every time. So, if you replaced the circuit board, but still can’t find your data, then you might as well sed the hard drive to a professional recovery team.

Move the Platter from One Drive to Another

As the data is stored into the platter, you might think that moving the platter from the original drive to a new one will restore data. This idea doesn’t work. Instead, it will make the condition far worse.

File Recovery Software Summary


Several causes lead to a system crash. It can and will corrupt your files, leaving them useless. Fortunately, you can recover your previous files in a variety of ways. Above, we have discussed a few of them.

Yes, you can recover your data without using a third-party file recovery software. But if you are short on time and don’t want to go through the hurdles, you are better off with a file recovery software or application. It will save both your time and breath in the long run.

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