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Search Engine Optimization Techniques – What Makes Great SEO

The digital marketing industry is slowly becoming more and more saturated as more people become attracted by the allure of being able to work on your own time without the need to commute. Today we put a great emphasis on IT. In fact, a lot of the most popular businesses we know today have been built upon technology itself. These businesses run on the same fuel – information. And the digital marketing industry is no different. Website traffic is a quantitative measurement of how well a certain business does online. It’s the search engine optimization techniques experts that make these businesses flourish online. Every company has a different type of customer and operates differently. Thus, it’s essential to look for an SEO agency that can identify your target audience to establish a digital marketing strategy. This will provide high rankings on major search engines, while also generating high-quality leads.

SEO Experts Traits

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Selling SEO to your clients is a lucrative venture. If you’re able to make a name for yourself as a great search engine optimization techniques expert. But, what exactly is a “great SEO techniques expert”? What traits must you possess?


This goes beyond simply having the skill and knowledge to do SEO properly. Being dependable is a trait that puts a big emphasis on your ability to make good judgment calls. As we already know, the tech industry is incredibly dynamic. One can even say that it’s alive. Being a dependable person doesn’t simply mean that you do things correctly once. This is a habit formed through consistency.


As previously established, the tech industry is ever-changing. The truest fact about SEO is that we are all at the mercy of Google and their search algorithm. We’re in their playground, after all. So, that means that they are in no way required to inform us of any changes to their algorithm. This means that your SEO campaign including search engine optimization techniques may need to change at any time. It takes a true SEO master to be able to not only detect these changes but also adapt to them.


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A results-oriented person is going to have a comprehensive understanding of their tools, their metrics, and the underlying information. This trait does not simply shine through in results but also in your work ethic. Your level of productivity, as well as your ability to stay organized, is going to be a good indicator of your efficacy. There’s no need to micromanage an effective partner.


An expert provinding SEO services and who truly takes to heart how his or her client’s website fares is more likely to do everything to get things done. If you truly care for your client, it shows in how meticulously and thoroughly you perform your tasks. An enthusiastic search engine optimization techniques pro is more than willing to learn new things in order to add value to their clients.


Now that we’ve discussed the traits of a great search engine optimization techniques pro, let’s delve into the more technical aspect, shall we? Because while you may indeed have all these traits, your clients are surely going to want more than that.

The surest proof of your capability will often be seen in certifications and other types of documentation. This principle is especially true when you look into the importance of having your diploma trying to apply for any job.

So, if you truly want to become a search engine optimization techniques expert, you’re going to need to get these certifications and courses to cement your credibility with clients.

How Can I Get SEO Certification?

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There a wide variety of SEO courses and certifications that specialize in the many aspects of SEO. Some courses are designed to teach you how to craft the best possible keyword strategy. While others are going to focus more on off-page and on-page SEO. It’s pretty much like the continuing education courses that every profession has.

Now, an SEO certification is different from an SEO-related course. These certifications often offer more in-depth training in search engine optimization techniques. This is often the path to take if you wish to become an expert in the field of SEO techniques.

This task is one that is beset by a number of complexities and it also requires the mastery of a lot of techniques. SEO is fragile and is ever-changing and because of this. It is imperative that each of the search engine optimization techniques pros is constantly up-to-date with the latest information on trends.

Applying Search Engine Optimization Techniques – a Never-Ending Process?

SEO qualities

Search engine optimization techniques specialists have to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of the field. The Google algorithm that is responsible for indexing websites can be altered without Google even making an announcement. One major change made recently was the increased emphasis on mobile-friendly websites.

While investing in any of these courses does not guarantee you success, it will guarantee you confidence. The confidence in your own abilities.

Where Can I Join These SEO Courses?

search engine optimization techniques courses

SEMrush Academy

The SEMrush Academy has a wide array of SEO Fundamental courses as well as Technical SEO programs. They will surely equip you well enough to become a search engine optimization techniques expert. The main advantage of opting to take your courses through SEMRush is that their modules get regular updates because the Academy will often introduce new features.

Not only that, but some of the best search engine optimization techniques experts prepare all these courses. These experts include Greg Gifford and Bastian Grimm. And if that wasn’t enough to get you to sign onto the program, then this most likely will. All these courses are FREE.

Yoast SEO Training Academy

Yoast offers courses such as SEO for WordPress, Site Structure Training, as well as SEO copywriting training programs. You’re unlikely to find a training program as complete as the ones found on Yoast. These programs are the classes you take if you want to have a much deeper understanding of search engine optimization techniques.

The SEO Playbook


Different people learn in different ways. Some are more accustomed to learning through reading, others through lectures, and some learn best when they are able to observe how the task is performed. The courses on the SEO Playbook cater to the third type of learner mentioned.

Yes, as a student, you’re going to be given the pleasure of witnessing an actual search engine optimization techniques expert at work. Robbie Richards, the course creator, shows students how he implements the lessons and course material on actual businesses.

Students get to see him perform a technical audit as well as create a keyword research document. Besides getting to benefit from Robbie Richards’ expertise, students are also given access to a private Slack community that allows them to interact with Robbie and about 200 other SEO professionals.

So, not only will you be given course material to study, but you’re also going to be able to ask specific questions to actual search engine optimization techniques experts. So, you can compare it to a boarding school environment where students and teachers are able to interact with each other outside the classroom.

HubSpot SEO Crash Course

If you’re either time-constrained or you simply lack the patience to go through a lot of information on your first try, then consider joining one of the classes at HubSpot. In this course, students essentially get an email every day for 5 days which will contain a lesson on the basics of SEO.

These lessons will teach students the fundamentals on keyword selection, page structuring, links, how search engines crawl over websites, as well as both on and off-page SEO. The most alluring things about the HubSpot SEO crash course is that it’s completely free.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques – Tools of the Trade

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As you all must already know, a craftsman is only as good as the summation of how he is able to utilize his inner traits, his knowledge, and his tools to achieve the best possible output. You cannot hope to achieve noteworthy results if one of these three aspects is missing. So, now that we’ve got the previous two aspects down, it’s time to insert the final piece of the trifecta in the same manner that one does when they complete their Spartan Race Trifecta.

Website Crawler: Ahrefs

The largest website crawler second only to Google itself. This tool is incredibly important to any SEO because it contains a major feature that no search engine optimization techniques specialist should be without the Site Audit feature.

The Site Audit feature helps the user to highlight certain parts of the website in order to detect those areas that require improvements and updates. The rationale behind this is that if you’re able to pinpoint the weak points in your website, you’re going to be more than able to fix them, thereby improving your website’s ranking.

Search Analytics: Google

search engine optimization tools

The Google search console allows users to understand how website visitors view their website. This tool provides users with a report that consists of valuable information pertaining to existing URL issues and the corresponding actions in order to resolve the usability problems.

SEO Marketing: SEMRush

Now, it’s not enough to simply be aware of your own website, you have to also be aware of where your website stands in general. The analytics from SEMRush give users an insight on your own web traffic and how it compares to your competitors, thanks to the Domain versus Domain feature.

SEMRush also includes an on-page SEO checker tool to help users monitor rankings as well as to give recommendations on how to improve your website’s performance.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques Tool: KWFinder

The keyword finder allows its users to locate long-tail keywords that aren’t as competitive as they should be. This SEO tool is one of the best options if you need help in searching for the best keywords and for getting an accurate assessment of your backlinks as well as your SERP.

This is also the very tool that Bandwidth SEM Specialist, George Perry uses. This is because not only does the tool give him relevant information (this includes data such as volume, CPC, and difficulty) on the keywords, it also provides excellent keyword suggestions.

Multi-tool: Moz

Now, if you’re the type of person who prefers to have a multi-tool rather than a toolbox, then the Moz SEO Tool is the tool for you. It comes equipped with almost everything you might ever need in your projects with search engine optimization techniques. It does keyword recommendations, performance metrics, and site crawls. The best bit about the Moz toolbar is that it’s completely free.

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