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Top 11 SEO Books to Boost Your Website [Update 2020]

Making a great movie doesn’t mean you will wake up the next day as a world-famous director. The same is with a website. When you finally got your beautiful website developed and filled with first content you will not automatically appear in SERPs. Any website should be properly optimized for search so users could see it when they google something related to your website.

SEO Books - main

Properly established SEO strategy should be a top priority for a website owner right after a website launch. Well-optimized website gets a whole batch of traffic, climbs high in rankings and achieves a great amount of visitors.

Top 10 SEO Books

You can learn optimization tips and techniques right now with these awesome SEO books that contain recommendations from the top experts of such renowned companies as Google and Moz; practical advice on creating a working SEO strategy, SEO-tracking tools roundups, and lists of sites accepting quest posts for link building.

The Beginners guide to SEO from Moz

SEO Books - The Beginners guide to SEO from Moz

Moz, one of the most high-profile companies in SEO field, offers a great book for beginners. This 10-chapter book explains basics of search engine work and gives practical recommendations on website optimization. It also ruins common myths and stereotypes about search engines and gives advice on keyword research, link building and analytics tracking.

Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

SEO Books - Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

The best search engine’s SEO team offers novice webmasters practical recommendations on website on- and off-page optimisation. From this ebook you will learn the best practices that should definitely work for Google search as well as the latest techniques on mobile optimization.

Search Engine Optimization: Past, Present, and Future

SEO Books - Search Engine Optimization: Past, Present, and Future

This useful ebook from HubSpot examines search engine optimization principles that were used during past years and focuses on changes that have happend to SEO recently. Here you will learn what tactics are considered the best for optimization today, and what techniques are definitely outdated.

In-Depth Guide to On-Page Website Optimization

SEO Books - In-Depth Guide to On-Page Website Optimization

On-page optimization is one of the first and foremost steps any webmaster should take up to make a website visible in SERPs. This guide from MotoCMS team offers step-by-step recommendations for optimizing all essential parts of the website page – from keywords research and meta data optimization (titles, descriptions, alt-tags etc.) to link building and analytics tracking.

The Good Book of SEO

The good book of seo

This easy-to-read, funny, and informative book is perfect for everyone who wants to dip their toes in the fast-paced world of SEO. It’s chock-full of useful info and liberally peppered with pop-culture references. It covers all the basic concepts marketing managers and business owners need for their fledgling SEO campaigns and provides a solid foundation they can build upon and improve their skills.

Understanding SEO Techniques

SEO Books - Understanding SEO Techniques

A simple and comprehensive guide that sets basic points about how search engines view website and what steps should be taken to improve a website’s visibility in search engines. You will learn why content is vital for any website and how corporate blog posts can get you higher in SERPs.

17 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2015

SEO Books - 17 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2015

SEO world changes extremely fast. Regular updates of Google algorithms like Panda and Penguin, introduction of Hummingbird for web search and Pigeon for local search may confuse even an experienced webmaster. The ebook from HubSpot estimates and ruins common myths about SEO tactics and practices that seemed proven and offers some new ways of optimization strategy.

10 Toxic SEO Techniques

SEO Books - 10 Toxic SEO Techniques

It’s another book that ruins myths and offers the new approach to SEO in fast changing conditions. Here you will find out what SEO techniques are already outdated and should be thrown away to give place new, more improved and user-friendly optimization tactics.

SEO for 2015

SEO Books - SEO for 2015

The ebook from Didit.com also focuses on new SEO practices that should replace outdated techniques in 2015. You will find priceless advice on how to get organic traffic and avoid search engines penalties.

Totally Tubular Guide to E-Commerce SEO

SEO Books - Totally Tubular Guide to E-Commerce SEO

This creative ebook contains SEO recommendations “from” your favorite 80th movies’ characters. If you run an eCommerce website, you will learn special techniques that should help you boost your business in SERPs. Learn the force of SEO with Yoda, kill all optimization myths with Ghostbusters and explore other cool SEO techniques with Caddy Shack and Breakfast Club heroes.

SEO 101: The Ultimate Guide for Small Businesses

SEO Books - SEO 101: The Ultimate Guide for Small Businesses

Small business websites take a large share of Internet business. They have their own specific characteristics and thus should be optimized accordingly. In this ebook you will find specific recommendations on keywords list creation, on- and off-page optimization as well as tracking progress studies.

Choose one ebook from the list or choose them all! Find the book that fits your needs and give you optimal recommendations for your website.

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